Atom and Charter are both covered up to £85K and I will only be taking no withdrawal allowed fixed term bonds so I do not see a risk higher than the high street.


I don't see it as a risk.......no PPI or Libor Scandles, bad morgages, expensive high street leases.

I see it as clean start banking business that has on board pro investors, and banking industry pros on the payroll.......couple that with the FSCS 85k guarantee whats not to like.

Regards security......Fixed Term Bonds even I cannot access once the investments in place....

Santander was the best game in town, wife and I have three accounts between us. But given the 1.5% drop in interest, couple that with the £5 account management fees. Doing some fixes via Atom's offerings gives us over double the return we are currently getting with Santander..........off up to the branch to close a couple.

Metrobus, given the choice of a screen shot and an actual documented statement of fact, I'll take the latter anyday of the week

Thanks for your comments guys

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