Do you already have sufficient emergency savings? Pension?

If so then S&S ISA is probably a good place to start, most will fit in now or if you want to research and wait the whole £20k will go in next year's allowance


Need advice - been given £20k. Where should I save this? No debt to pay and mortgage nearly finished so happy to keep that on.
Originally posted by Gillmeg

Do you actually need advice or do you just need some lists of the highest paying accounts that you can put the money into.

If the latter, click the 'banking and saving' menu option at the top of the page and look at "Best Bank Accounts" and "Top Savings Accounts".

If you need advice, let us know which of the accounts there you have already considered and rejected and why, and what your savings or investment goals are, and timeframes, and what products you are already using etc (as well as the other questions about tax rates etc).

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