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If allowed, but I wanted a thread where people could record their investment decisions in real time. For general interest and education, and perhaps to give extra credibility in future discussions.

I'll start:

Last week I bought shares in Tesla Motors Inc. I paid $255.71 per share & it now makes up 2.0% of portfolio.

Reasons: I think this is a game-changing company which just keeps getting better. Expect will gain market share over the next 10 years, as autopiloted electric cars become normal.

Strategy: Buy and hold for 10 years, revisit then when I expect the technology and the sector to be more mature.

ok, but i do try to take as few big decisions as possible in investing - i.e. both avoiding placing big bets, and only changing strategy very slowly, so this will be boring ...

last week, in my SIPP, topped up VEUR (vanguard developed europe ETF) again, using income generated within the SIPP since i last did this in january. this is just a mechanical decision, topping up the holding that is relatively down, so in danger of falling under its target allocation. VEUR was actually up c. 5% since i last topped it up, but i guess other things had gone up more, so it was relatively underperforming again.

next week, in my shares ISA, cash from dividends within the ISA will be used to top up SGRO (segro). this is where most of the dividends in the ISA have been going for the last 2 years (except when i topped up SSE instead). i wanted another property holding, but thought i'd steer clear of buying another company with a lot of central london property. the holding is now about up to size, so next month i may start buying something new inside the ISA.

this is all using cheap £1.50 regular dealing, because i'm a cheapskate.

OK, this month:

£6k into venture capital trusts: Foresight VCT and Pembroke VCT 'B', before the end of the 15/16 tax year.

Reasons: Generalist VCTs provide highly tax efficient exposure to small unlisted companies not accessible through the market - diversification benefits. The strategies of the two funds, managed by Foresight and Oakley respectively, should not be massively affected by the tightening of rules last year which largely stop VCTs being used to fund MBOs or long-established companies and would negatively impact certain other managers. Both are 'top up' fundraisings for existing share classes which already have an established portfolio.

Strategy: Expect to hold for 6-10 years; minimum 5 year hold needed to keep the tax relief. The tax relief at 30% is lower than what I could get on further pension contributions but the lock-in is much shorter and I have plenty of things I will want to spend money on before I can access a pension at age 55++.

£1800 (the tax relief from above) invested into bookies at 21/10 odds of UK voting to leave the EU. This is a hedge for my wider portfolio. Personally, I don't think we will vote in June to leave - but if we do, the significant market uncertainty will be bad for the values of some of my other assets - at least in the short and medium term. So, it will be useful to receive ~£5600 the day of the election result which can be used for investment opportunities or whatever else.


invested into bookies at 21/10 odds of UK voting to leave the EU. This is a hedge for my wider portfolio.
Originally posted by bowlhead99

Hmm, I will vote with my heart but have backed Remain with my head. Hadn't considered the hedging strategy. Drat

Sold my HSBC Japan Tracker at 8 percent gain, total is around £4900

Bought Japanese smaller companies with proceeds, and already up 12 percent in two weeks

Sold Man Group/Ted Baker at a slight gain few months back, purchased scottish mortgage investment trust, up 13 percent



Bought shares in staffline, arm holdings and patient capital trust, all over - 10 percent

My biggest recent mistake is selling a poportion of my investments to cash a week or 2 ago. Markets have gone up a further 5% since. I was banking on continued volatility but so far markets have given me the middle finger. Still, i'm comfortable with my equities/bonds/cash ratio at the moment and there is still a strong chance I may get a nice re-entry point - especially with 'brexit' uncertainties. I keep meaning to look into VCTs as i've cash im happy to lock away for 5+ years. 30% gain from the off is an attractive proposition.


Hmm, I will vote with my heart but have backed Remain with my head. Hadn't considered the hedging strategy. Drat
Originally posted by ColdIron

Unlike a footy fan always betting on his favourite team winning, I generally don't bet on things I want to happen or what my heart tells me should happen, because if those things happen, I'll already be happy without needing some "winnings" to show for it.

But it's perfectly valid place a bet for either something you think will happen and is paying decent odds (that's basically what most good investments are) or something you don't want to happen but would distress you if it did, where a cash prize would be nice compensation (basically a hedge against unpredictable negative events). My brexit bet is the latter.

OK, so I have a mostly sensible drip fed investment plan. But also have a "play pot" too.

In my play pot, When oil prices plummeted to 25 dollars, I doubled my holding in my Russia fund. Yesterday I added a further 40% again. Both looking at current CAPE and oil prices, Russia looks a good long term bet.

We shall see.

Best buy, Fundsmith a few months ago, up more than 10%. Want to buy more but wary this can't go on indefinitely, so wait for a plateau or small fall, or jump in straight away... Hmmmm Probably won't matter much in the long term.

Investing in a biotech fund in Jan 14, fifteen months later up 80%. Concerned about a bubble, I crystallised some of the profits last April and put them into another fund. Not long after the biotech fund dropped (quite dramatically over a six month period). Recently bought back into the fund at a 50% Discount as I believe it will still be a great long term investment.

On the flip side a small percentage of my portfolio is held in educated punts. My first punt wasnt that educated as I bought into Asos when their shares plummeted to £32, thinking that they couldn't drop further and low and behold they dropped a lot further and it took me over a year to make a paltry £50 profit!

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