Premium Bond Winner ? trademark

im interested in winning premium bond holders , or not as the case may be , please post your winnings and holding as well as length of time held , i have a theory that newer bonds win more prizes , id prefer not to make this a discussion area of that arguement but i would be interested in your winnings

just a bit of background on me ... im fully invested elsewhere so bonds are another way of trying to be tax free ... im buying £1,000 per month on average and ive only just started this time around , although i have some million year old bonds my grandparents once bought me

current holding £5,150

winnings for august prize of £100

held since .. may 2005

im sure in another premium bonds thread it was pointed out that millions more bonds have been bought recently than have been bought in the past... so it stands to reason that newer bonds win more, it doesn't mean that any single bond has a higher chance of winning

Hi trademark,

Your theory is almost as lousy as premium bonds are as an investment for any basic rate taxpayer (or any higher rate taxpayer that does not have a cash ISA). Stephenj214 supplies the reason behind this "urban myth" for which you seek evidence.

Any individual comments made here will not make your overall case less hopeless. Please rethink, for your own sake.

Alan Sugar (my fee's going to Great Ormond Street) forgot to mention that he gains 40% tax relief for his fee for advertising this !!!! product :rolleyes: .

And just watch the "interest rate" go down relative to base rates once the government has got in the pots of money that Sugar is bringing in .

mm ... didnt i make it clear that i didnt want to discuss my theory only test it ... thought i did , but i dont mind .....

i can understand that some may view this as a crap product ... although i didnt mind picking up £100 this month ........ especially as like i said im fully invested as far as tax purposes are concerned .

now as it seems im going to have to discuss my theory ... and i do realise that every bond has an equal chance of winning (yawn) from my experiance i win as i buy ... then i lose as i hold ....... and its been the same for years .... lots of wins up to the max holding ... then nothing

is the same going to happen to me now .... who knows , and as i said im fully invested elsewhere and prepeared to gamble perspective interest against a big win , however small that chance

yes alan sugar made me want to puke with that advert .... self congratulating idiot that he is , couldnt stand him before and certainly cant now .

I've had £100 for about two or three years. I got a check for £50 in July. I've got some really old ones - about twenty years and never won anything on those.

Trademark, if your theory was correct, ministerial heads might roll. The cabinet, and especially the Prime Minister in waiting, have nothing to gain & everything to lose by any such deception.

But by all means let's have a smal, unrepresentative, snapshot of results from Ernie.

The story that newer bonds win more prizes than older ones is a myth that had been going almost as long as premium bonds.

There is a denial of that and other rumours here (PDF).

But if you are convinced despite all the evidence to the contrary then simply sell up and re-invest.

i like many others have heard of the saying no smoke without fire ...... we all know that premium bonds are ran correctly , we all know that they have an equal chance of winning , as a single bond or as one in 30,000 ..... but you have to go with what works for you .

i have just bought 5k in the last 3 months and win £100 .... i had 20,000 bonds for 11 months and didnt win a thing .

my friends and relatives have said the same thing ...... as have posters on here and other financial boards .

nsi even cater to this rumour .... you can sell all of your bonds and have them reinvested without receiving the monies due

is it possible that ernie favours new numbers ...... i dont know ... my mind says no of course not .... but experience says yes

I bought £5000 worth in January. Won £100 in June and £50 this month. Nice interest rate for me so far. Had a tenners worth since i was about 5 and never won with them

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