Reporting capital gains on shares: manually or with automated reports? SouthLondonUser

I have never held shares outside of an ISA, so I have never had to report capital gains on shares in my self-assessment tax return.

Assuming I start holding shares in an ordinary, non-ISA account, my question is on whether any share-dealing platform/broker produces any kind of automated report of all the capital gains/losses for me to use in my tax return, or if I have to enter all the details manually in my self-assessment. If I don't file my self-assessment online myself, but for example use an accountant, can the process be automated to some extent?

Of course if I have only sold two shares in a tax year who cares, it takes a moment to fill in a form manually, but if there are more transactions the process becomes tedious and error-prone.

The platform I use ( produces an annual report that shows all that. But it does have its limitations. For example the certificated shares I transferred into my x-o account. Since they don't know what I paid for them they enter the cost as zero - making my capital gains look much bigger than they are.

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