There is little reason to wait. The share/fund price drops when the share goes ex-dividend so you are no better off.

For example a £1 share paying a 5p dividend will drop to 95p, ignoring any daily movements.

But to answer your question - yes once it has gone ex-dividend you will be paid it even if you are no longer the owner on pay day.


The ex-dividend date has passed, so does this mean even if I sell all my shares now, I'll still get the same cash dividend?

In short, are dividend payments calculated on shares held on the ex-dividend date only?
Originally posted by jm78

Yes, basically, because once they are trading "ex" dividend it means what you are selling to someone else or redeeming back to the fund is "without" the rights to the dividend payment.

So if you were the person holding the shares or fund units as they flip from including the right to the dividend to EXcluding the right to the dividend, that dividend is coming to you, even if you sell the shares, change your platform etc. It's still owed to you.

You mention "calculated on shares held on the ex dividend date". That's not quite accurate. For example if you only purchased them on ex dividend day, and held them all the rest of that day, it would really be the case that you'd acquired them yourself when they were without the right to the dividend, so you won't get it paid to you

Really to get the dividend, you have to have had your purchase executed by end of day the day before, before it flips over to ex-dividend the next day, because once it is trading ex dividend you can no longer get access to the dividend by buying it and you can no longer lose access to the dividend by selling it.

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