Stepping into the world of investing Tom Brine

Hi All

I have recently opened a Stocks and Shares ISA through Cavendish Online as they were the cheapest platform I could find to begin my journey. The only downside I can see to them is the inability to hold Shares directly in my ISA through them. I have two share schemes I am a member of with work, a monthly SIP and a SAYE scheme. Both however will not have share available for me to transfer out for another four years so I figure Cavendish is fine for now.

I have set up a monthly direct debit for £75 to invest in the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust held within the ISA. I ahve spent a few months looking at funds and researching and think this is a good fund whose fund managers have a sense of risk I can align to.

However I am also thinking of investing in a couple of other funds and was wondering about general concensus to spread my portfolio.

Scottish Mortgage Investment fund mainly holds Tech companies and looks for emerging products and consumer services. In order to spread my portfolio risk I was thinking of an Equity based fund and then a simple FTSE tracker.

Fundsmith Equity has caught my eye, though they dont have many holdings in UK companies I feel there is risk due to Brexit over the coming years in the UK, but the management fee is quite high at 0.98% compared to Scottish Mortgages 0.45%.

AS far as an FTSE tracker I have currently not investigated but am thinking it will be easier to research than other funds with cheaper fees.

I think £75 a month into each Scottish Mortgage and an equities based fund (Fundsmith Equity) then £50 into an FTSE tracker should be a good initial toe dip into investing. Id welcome any thoughts on this whilst being aware it is a personal choice which differs with everyone.

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