Advice on interest connie mccready


So I have inherited a fair amount of money and I have currently an income bond with NS&I.

I was wondering if there is anybody else in a similar situation and I was looking for advice on what to do for the best.

I dont use the money nor do I withdraw however with the interest I receive from it monthly I use that as my income in which I am able to spend.

Anybody have any ideas on where to hold my money which will give me the best interest rate and also a monthly interest?

Thank you!

In your situation, getting some financial advice would be quite valuable. Having it all in cash savings might not be the best approach. There are investment portfolios that could be built to deliver steady income, depending on your risk tolerance.

Yep, I'd look at investing, going traditional bank route isn't going to do much for you - I'm a big fan of the Moneybuilder Income Fund - great income earner! See a financial advisor if you have enough £ - if not, look and research on DIY investing (but make sure you are comfortable with the risks!)

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