Investments in EUR fonsde

I have some big savings in EUR in foreign banks.

Th brokers there (That is across all of them) charge you 0.6% - 1.4% entry fee on every purchase (fund & ETFS!) that is quite a lot compare to what i pay with my fidelity account in the uk.

Is there any broker that lets you deal ETF/Funds in EUR? Or any other suggestions?

Try Saxobank ( is the UK front end but they have others for other European countries) ; TD Direct UK (, TD Direct international ( or IG (

Some platforms will be cheaper than others but the general rule is that if you want to invest in a currency other than what your cash is currently in, there will be a conversion cost.

This is a UK-centric forum so most people are not trying to trade in anything other than GBP funded from GBP accounts.

I use TD in the UK - as a UK investor my money is originally in GBP and has a conversion cost associated with moving it into EUR or USD or AUD etc, but once I have bought the assets and later received some sales proceeds it can stay in the multi-currency account and be used to buy more things in that currency without ever having to come back to GBP between trades. Unless I'm using one of their ISA accounts where our tax authority doesn't allow to to hold foreign currency cash inside the tax wrapper.

I haven't used Saxo but it has had positive feedback in the past as one of the brokers catering well for multiple markets and currencies.

I've never used IG's sharetrading product which opened not very long ago compared to other brokers in the market. But i use their spreadbet product and the software platform is good and has most of the features you would expect from a sophisticated system. I think you can have your account have its core admin and reporting in whichever currency you like, e.g. Euro.

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