... is there any avenue that I can take to allow me to pay more money than the transferred balance + £4000 limit into the LISA down the line.
Originally posted by SBarnez

The £4000 balance is per tax year. So in 2018/19 you can put another £4000 in. And in 2019/20 you can put another £4000 in and so on.

So yes, "down the line", you will be able to put tens of thousands into it, spread across multiple years. Just no more than £4000 in any one tax year while still getting the bonus on it all. The exception to the 'no more than £4000 in per tax year' which you've probably noticed, is in the first year where you are allowed to transfer your HTB balance which had been funded in the current or previous tax years. You will be able to get the bonus on the transferred amount plus £4000 of new money that went direct into the LISA in 2017/18, as long as the HTB ISA being transferred in doesn't include any 2017/18 tax year contributions.

For instance am I able to transfer the current balance of a Cash ISA into the LISA on-top of the HTB ISA's balance?

Not on top of the HTB *and* on top of the £4000 of new money in 2017/18 tax year. Because the most allowed in 2017/18 will be the HTB money from pre-2017/18 plus the £4000 of new 2017/18 contributions. If you have done the £4000 of new contributions from your bank account during 2017/18, there would not be any more space in the 2017/18 limit to deposit or transfer anything else in (other than the pre 2017/18 HTB money), so you would need to wait until April 2018 when you get a new limit for the 2018/19 tax year and then you can transfer in another £4000 and then in 2019/20 another £4000 and so on.

You could put up to £4000 of money transferred from your Cash ISA into the LISA on top of the HTB ISA *instead* of doing £4000 of contribution from your bank account during 2017/18, if you wanted to.

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