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I have been looking into high interest saving accounts recently and found one with London Capital & Finance;

They offer Fixed Rate bonds with a minimum deposit of £5k and pay 3.8% for a one year bond, 6.5% for a 2 year bond or 8% for a 3 year bond.

I'm cautious, as I wouldn't want to put some money where I may not see it ever again, so my question is;

Is something like this too good to be true, not be trusted and I shouldn't go anywhere near it ?

Am curious how MSE hasn't mentioned it in a recent piece on savings, where it only mentioned Atom Bank paying 2% via an App.

Thanks for reading and would appreciate anyone's views/thoughts on this.


This has been covered on other MSE forum threads. Did you not search?


Dammit this company needs to stop advertising to the general public / newbie investors.


Here are more threads to help you stay away from them:

2nd edit:

Also.... how did you find that product? It would be useful to know so that other people can take that source with a pinch of salt and to be careful.

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