I would doubt it, someone else here tried to use a PC simulator without success.

Use someone else's Apple or Android to install the app, open an account, put the money in, check its there, delete the app. Could be done in less than an hour elapsed.

Their app is exclusively on android and and apple devices. Specific operating system versions are in the faq on their side. The kindle is not supported.

Also they don't do web for registration and servicing it's all purely mobile app based.

you can install android play store in fire hdx tablet, i assume it will be similar?

you need 4 x google apps including play-store and you can install apps through their store.

have a look on xda forums for the guide

Have looked this up and there is Google ndroid supporting most Apps you would want and separately Amazon Fire Android supporting Apps of limited appeal.

There is supposed to be a workaround where Google Android can be downloaded onto an Amazon Fire tablet but I'm not tech savvy enough to do it confidently. Might know a man who can though.

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