Premium Bonds - best time to invest? No_Name

As title - when's the best time to invest considering it needs to be a full calendar month before it's eligible for the prize draw?

I'm an existing NS&I holder with online access. How quick do they process your application for further bonds?

If I wanted to be considered for the May draw (April being the full month), am I ok to apply on Friday 31st March?

#2 need to have them in for 1 full calendar month before they become " best time to buy them is a few days before the end of the month. (ie if you buy them at the start of a month you will have to wait almost 2 months before they become "active"..

#4 to allow a few days / 1 week. assuming the funds are in a "normal" savings account you will not loose that much money for the sake of a few days. (even if its the whole £50k and it is currently earning 5% (luxury), it would only amount to a loss of about 30 quid if cashed in a week early.....).

NB if you are "on line" for NSI services they can take 1 week to "transfer" funds...)


I invested online on the 28th Feb , and although funds had not cleared till the 1st March my premium bonds are in the April draw , so last day of month is ok .
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Although the date of the bond purchase is the date you order them in effect, some may prefer to allow a few extra days. For instance, if one had some funds in account A and some in account B and want all the bonds to be in one block, you'd have to transfer from A to B or vice versa before proceeding with the purchase. There is a chance the transfer could trigger a bank's anti fraud checks, which would delay the purchase.

The website being temporarily down is unlikely but possible. I personally like to use the internet and not the phone, so I also account for possible WiFi issues.

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