Separate products. You can have a cash isa, a LISA, a stocks and shares ISA, and an innovative finance ISA, within your £20k a year contribution limit. That's 4 products and can be from 4 providers.

The following year you can choose again, and keep the same providers or maybe pick 4 completely different ones giving you money in 8 pots if you like. Even more than that, if you split up some of the 'previous year money' when you find some more competitive products - because once you money is not 'current year money' it doesn't have to be with a single provider all in one place per product type. Only 'current year contributions' have to be in one place per product type so HMRC can keep tabs on how much you contributed across providers against your annual limit.

Thanks bowlhead99, but still it is not fully clear for me.., so for year 17/18 I can open 4 new ISA types and deposit up to 20k in total in them, but am I free to circulate the 20k of allowance between them as I like, provided of course they are flexible?

On old year money, let's say I have 1k in an old cash ISA, can it freely flow in and out of the new ISAs (again assume they are flexible) opened for 17/18 (one of them again a cash ISA)?

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