Depends on the index tracker. Some "index trackers" also include an element of bonds. So if you picked say VLS60 which contains 40% bonds you'd be doubling up and have a lot of bonds. So then you'd have a risk if bonds went AoverT. Not if it was pure 100% equities though but ......

.... everything I read at the moment says this is a bad time to be buying bonds, the received wisdom that bonds aid stability may be past its sell by date?

I think you can minimise risk to you (not in the actual portfolio) simply by having less of your overall equity, in, errrm, equities. Then just take the falls with the rises , as long as its long term investing thats not an issue especially if adding into it regularily.

The other thing I haven't seen mentioned (may have missed it) is how much money you are investing. If you were starting with say £10k then your original allocation had too many funds anyway.

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