I have not included property equity in the value nor my pension which is 15% employer contribution which I add 5% salary sacrifice to.

We are aiming to slowly increase our investments and increase their amounts in our net worth.

I have added vanguard 60 to my ISA and will make further judgements on our other holdings, to hold or sell as we go forward.

I don't really want too many duplicates across my investments and my husbands as it doesn't seem to make sense to hold exactly the same things. That doesn't seem diverse to me

If you are in your 30's, VLS60 is arguably very cautious indeed, especially given the single companies you have shares in.

My 2c, I'd say for the long term sell the single company shares and put it all in VLS100, so then its all global and invested in thousands of companies instead of about 3 UK companies in one country, which is ultra high risk.

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