Digital saving methods NiamhLinehan

This is more of a research question and not sure what the etiquette is for asking such questions but I'll give it a go.

Are people using apps and micro investing platforms to put away money each month? If so, what has attracted you to these methods of savings vs traditional (bank, credit union) and are you using them to save up for something significant or just to build up a little nest egg?

I'm writing a paper on this and I am curious to find out why and what people use them for.

I'm not doing any micro-saving/investing, but I do try to use all new "digital banks", as long as my money is protected. I do this because I believe the cabal of 'traditional banks' are bloated, offer no long term value, and have displayed questionable morals for many years. I wish for a healthy ecosystem of challengers to that status quo, and want to support smaller businesses prosper.

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