The only way you'll ever make progress is by having a plan to save and then sticking to it, in other words making it happen.

It's just a fact of life, there are no reliable short cuts and wishing things to be a certain way doesn't make them so, you have to do something about it.

Start by working out how much money you have coming in each four weeks, divide it by four to work out each week then add up how much you have got to spend on essentials and how much you're left with each week to spend on football. Then you can see if you've anything left over to save each week and how much.

DLA is now PIP, have you claimed PIP or do you get PIP? Have you checked if there are any other government or local authority benefits you may be entitled to that could help to boost your income.

If you're entitled to any other government benefits you should seek advice and claim them. That's what they're for, to help people get on.

Well i just found out a good thing before i gambled my money on Paddy Power i found out i had took some money out of my account before the cut off time so i woke up this morning and saw £70 in my bank account.

I know that is still not much but if i save really hard and put £200 in my account from walking to college and back home by March i could have £270 in my bank so it is a start anyway.


But can i make enough to find my own place, i am leaving college in the summer and 24 years old. I mean yes i do get 200 a month from DLA but is 200 a month really enough to find my place, find a girlfriend, pay the bills and do the things i want?
Originally posted by sam m

It depends on what you are studying, and where you fall on the spectrum as to your eventual earning capacity.

You need to go to gamblers anonymous.

You'll get on better with your dad once you stop p*ssing your money away?

If you want to stop being treated like a child, man up.

What you must not do is think you're the only person in the world in this situation, there are many thousands of people, a good few much older than you with similar issues.

Life is tough, you're making the right sort of decisions, the post you've just made is very encouraging, well done and keep it up.

If you open a Tesco current account online you can then start earning 3% interest on that money you save there without having to do anything else.

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