To achieve a long term goal, I think you have to take things one little step at a time.

£200 a month is not enough to rent a place and cover living expenses unfortunately.

When you are able to it would be a good idea to try to get a job. It almost doesn't matter what the job is, it is a foot in the door, and you can build up to a better job after that.

Also, perhaps try opening a separate savings account. Put some of your money in there and don't touch that account. It sounds like you would benefit from improving your saving and budgeting skills.

but how long is it going to take, i really want to get out of the house and get a place on my own to become more indpendant, what do i do?

i'm 24 i am getting older by the second and soon i will run out of time

What are you studying at college?

What are you really good at / really enjoy?

One way of getting some work experience might be to be a volunteer at a local charity, perhaps a shop or an animal rescue.

Travel & Tourism, i like working with the public and i would not mind working anywhere in a retail environment and i volunteer at a castle but i don't get any money.

This is the problem i don't have anyway to work full time because i live in a place that is so far out i need to get a bus everywhere, i can't drive also.

What do i do, I really want to be out of this house in the next year or so and have a girlfriend/partner in the next few years. I just don't no what i'm going to do.

Why was i so stupid in spending my money and not saving in my early stage of life, its going to affect my prime years now, maybe i should just end it all and commit suicide now as i don't see things getting any better any time soon.

As a father of 2 autistic children I can assure you this is not the right to place to come and ask for advice. As you will be aware your autism will affect you differently to others but dealing with a teenage boy I know your feelings are not unique. He is going through very much the same thought processes now and he needs emotional support, not words on a computer screen. I assume you should have access to counselling and local support workers? You may not know how or where to find it but there should be some infrastructure locally in place to help you.

If you don't already know then this is a good place to start


I just looked back a few years ago, i had over £1000 pound in my account, £1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If i had actually saved my money correctly i would be in a great place now. I am bloddy usless


Number one thing to do:

Stop criticising yourself.

Number two thing to do:

Calm the anxiety.

Don't beat yourself up about things you have done. Those choices were good lessons. Good luck in moving forwards - that is the direction you should be looking.

You don't need anything in particular to 'get' a girlfriend or partner. Just try to be the sort of person that will attract the sort of partner you would like. Look for opportunities to meet new people. Relax, and enjoy your journey through life, while doing what you can to move forwards.

Mainly - be nice to yourself and to others.

You rarely see a bookmaker go out of business, its a losers game for the most part. Stop that and you instantly save money.

I dont know how bad your gambling is but if its a problem you should speak to someone who can help to encourage you to stop.

Relax your mind, but try to see what part time work you could maybe so to get some money coming in.

Hope you slept well?

Most people go through periods in their lives when they want to beat themselves up. What you did in the past might have been something you wouldn't do again & that's the point.... you've realised, which is brilliant so now you can make practical plans for your future.

Previous posters have made some very good points. Also, maybe see the careers advisor at college for advice?

A good place to meet interesting people can be shopping... if you enjoy shopping... could you do the odd shop for your parents on the way home from college ... with a list of what's needed?

If you enjoy using a computer use a spreadsheet program like MSExcel or one of the open office programs to analyse your spending over the last two years or whatever. This way you can predict fairly well what you will need to keep money aside for (like shoes or bus fares). Remember that some of the big cash withdrawals you ain't gonna do again are you so don't beat yourself up, plan what you *are* gonna do with them....definitely some savings as previous poster said.

(PS Young person [10 yrs younger than you ]in my family on spectrum). X

so do you think if i now try really hard with saving i could have my own place in the next few years. thats what i really want, to find a job, become more independent and have a family.

also will i be able to still do some things like i want to do such as go to the football

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