Just to chime in seeing as the subject is open already and I have experience in receiving a loan from Likely Loans. I got accepted for a £3,000 loan in November 2016 with a credit rating of 390 on Clearscore (Equifax) and 550 odd on Noodle (CallCredit) both are in the poor credit rating echelon. Yes, the interest is high but I'm a small business owner with poor credit from nearly losing my home during the financial crisis (I bought in 2007 at 21 years of age just before the crash and was naive and made poor decisions).

I agree that it's extremely important that you consider this carefully before taking the plunge. In my case I'm projecting an increase in trade for my business so plan to pay the loan of early before the end of 2017, they charge me 2 months interest ontop to do this.

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