Ford credit Foster1422

A few years ago I got a Ford KA on HP and then just before my car was due for renewal I went to Ford who offered me my settlememt figure for my car as it was in such good condition.

So a few months later with my new ford car I got a phoncecall saying I owed them money for my old KA. I disputed this and today get a call saying I owe them the money still.

I do not understand I paid every month on time and my settlement was paid by me putting the car in for a swap. I have the paperwork. What rights do I have? What should I do? I am currently saving for a mortgage and dont want this to go on as another loan or unpaid loan.

I dont want to pay them unnecessarily for a car i sold almost a year ago!

Was it you or the dealer who bought the car who were meant to settle the finance? At the time of selling the Ka who obtained the settlement figure?

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