NRAM Unsecured loan delboi

I have recently just sold my property, but due to the housing market at the moment the sale value only covered the secure part of the mortgage. It left the unsecure part as a 'loan'.

As it stands I have £13k to pay back but over a 16 year period at 12.54%. Paying back £158 per month. I would like to move this to another loan with a better interest rate & shorter term, but keep the payments more or less the same.

I can't seem to find anything to fit the bill at the moment so looks like I'll just have to pay it off until it comes down to a more attractive amount for other lenders. Or if I could find a good enough interest rate I could at least transfer part of the loan to another lender.

Anyone got any recommendations / advice or been in a similar situation?

Where have you looked? A 7 year loan at an interest rate of 5% APR would increase your repayments by less than £30 a month but reduce the total amount repaid by about £15k.

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