I second this - it is not going to be worth any business' while to do the paperwork on a loan this small as they would make a loss.

If it is food then the OS board can help with suggestions. You would be amazed at how far a small budget can be stretched. Food banks don't always need a referral. Can you put slightly less fuel in and walk part of the way? There are ways that might help a genuinely short term issue.


Hey I have a really bad credit history from the past I just had a few bigger bills this month. Over the past year i have got on top of things and got most of creditors pay off. My bank won't give me a small overdraft. I really need £15 to buy food for 2 weeks. My family and friends have been good to me in the past but I'm ashamed to ask for such a little amount. I just thought someone might know where you can get very small loans. I don't want anymore than this i just want to get enough to see me through till I get paid
Originally posted by 21tomlewis21

Why not ask your employer?

What is the real reason why you don't want to go to your friends/family? Have you tapped them up in the past and not paid them back - hence no-one you can turn to now?

£15 is nothing and I am having a hard time believing you wouldn't just ask your parents/siblings/friends for such a small amount until you get paid, especially if they know you work as well.

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