A&L Loan Saraho41

I took out a loan with Alliance and Leicester in 2006 for £5000. Due to various reasons I was unable to keep up the repayments and have been paying £5 per month on advice from CAB.

A&L has now changed to Santander. The current amount outstanding is £3649.46. This is good as it is gradually being paid off, but, interest is charged every November to the sum of £309.93. I have written to them asking that they freeze interest like other creditors but they have not, any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

They don't have to freeze interests but try a letter saying your paying £60 a year off the debt as that's all you can afford according to CAB and adding £309.93 throws me further into debt. If they know your on a DMP (managed by CAB or by self) they may freeze the interest.

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