Loan Newbie Parki92

Hi all,

I'm looking for a little advice please?

I'm coming toward the end of my three year finance deal for my current car in a few months. I will be given the option to refinance or hand it back and start again with a different car. I'm happy with how the car runs & will be happy having it for another three years. However, the miles are high and no doubt if i hand it back i am going to be charged 6p per mile i go over (which could be expensive as i do 500 per week!).

I''m not in a position to buy the car outright and i have been looking at a loan to allow me to do this.

I am a complete newbie to personal loans and the thought of one is a little intimidating.

I have looked via this site and i see they range from 4.6% to a whopping 19% interest.

If i was to take the three year out loan tomorrow & pay the car in full my monthly payments would reduce by £80 - However, this would tie me into another three year deal paying my loan.

Is there anything i need to be aware of ?

Ideally id like the option to payback more than i need to on months where i may be able to afford.

Any advise / head's up would be apprecaited before i jump into somthing completly new!

Thank you all,


Its never a bad idea to try your own bank when looking for a loan, take it over the shortest possible period that is affordable to you, after all you have had the car 3 years you may want achnage in 2.

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