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Not sure if this is the relevant place but hope you can help

Me and a friend were looking at courses to get another trade behind us around 36 months ago but because we were also working full time needed the time to do it in. We ended up with a company called ATL. A lady come to visit us to explain about the course and the main question we asked was ''How long have you got to complete the course?'' to which her reply was ''As long as you need there is no timescale''. This suited us down to the ground and because of the sheer volume of work you need to do (40 assignments, 70 practical jobs on a placement and write ups, practical tests and written tests) we decided 4 years (because of full time work and family commitments) would be sufficient for us to complete so set that target. I completed an assignment and tried to submit today to find my online account was locked. I rang ATL who said my course had expired and was no longer enrolled onto it. This whole course has cost over £6000 and all we have had is 4 test books and a dvd! The lady at ATL said it was in our contract that the course would expire after 36 months and expired Dec 2016. I told her that the lady who initially enrolled us said we could take as long as we needed to which she said she cannot vouch to what was initially said to us.

I have read the contract and it states 'I understand that my self study program may take from 12 - 36 months and it can be paid for accordingly to the schedule issued at registration. I understand at the pace i choose to work through the material remains under my control and is a matter of my personal preference' -

Now am i right in saying this does not state it expires in 36 months? and that it only states it can take 12 - 36 months to complete? And not once have we received any phone calls, letters from them for support or to notify us we do not have long left to complete the course.

I have e-mailed ATL as they will now not answer my calls stating if they do not respond with a resolution in 14 days i will be contacting trading standards. I have contacted the Ombudsman who say they can only deal with the financial side of things which finance was organised with a well known finance agency via ATL and cannot deal directly with ATL, but not sure if the finance company have any wrong doing or they are jointly liable. Do we have anything to go on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading i know it was long.

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