When can I apply for another loan? mrtypist7

So I have never used anything to do with my credit score or that before until december 2016, I applied for 2-3 financing options on Computer Parts for Uni and my personal hobby, I got accepted for all 3 and thats all fine. Then I applied for a loan, got declined, then I tried with my bank, got declined. I was completely new to this side of life so I had no idea I was pushing my luck till I researched all I needed to know. I went into my bank and spoke to an adviser and was told my credit score is fine, means to pay it are fine, everything, yet it still declined me, so the woman told me it must mean I've applied for too many in a short space of time (first application was December 20th and last one was January 29th other than the attempt the woman at the bank made on the 9th of Feb). So she said "Give it 2-3 months to settle and come in and it should go through", Does this mean I can do it in April? or is that still too soon? thanks

Give it at least 3 months, but use that time to check the data on your credit files. It sounds as if you have little or no credit history, so are seen as fairly high risk.

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