Your loan is pre-1998 so you have an old mortgage style loan which means it will be written off when you turn 50. That doesn't mean to say that the debt collection agency won't try to take you to court before then or when the debt is statute barred (6 years after you last acknowledged the debt) which you must be close to since you haven't contacted SLC since 2011.

It's been about 4 years and 9 months since I last deferred.

If they take me to court and they order some sort of instalment plan based on my income, would the outstanding arrears be written off when I hit 50 or would I have to repay the full amount?

Can I dispute the amount owed for a year? Maybe I should send them a Data Protection Act Information Request if I get a Court date? I'm not sure their sums are correct because they weren't the last time I got a huge pile of paper from The Student Loans Company.

I'm wondering if this is a real or phishing letter. Here's what it says about legal proceedings in the letter itself:

"If we do not receive clear prosals to repay this debt by 6th March 2017 we will commence proceedings against you and a claim form will be issued for the full outstanding balance".

Is Student Debt a priority debt? Are there any links on this website (or another) to more information regarding exactly what happens if they make a Court Claim?

I've just been through all of my folders in storage and discovered that my final deferment period ended on the 24th Feb 2011. I checked my account and my very last payment was was on 7th jan 2012. Does this mean it's Statute Disbarred? (My terminology may be incorrect).

Statute barred not statute disbarred. Creditors have a 6 year (5 year in Scotland) deadline to start court action to recover a debt. You last acknowledged this debt 7th January 2012 which is less than 6 years ago so it is not statute barred.

What you do is up to you. Do you repay the debt or do you front it out and hope that you reach 50 before any action can be taken against you?

If only you'd kept SLC informed of your address and applied for deferment every year then you're knickers wouldn't be in a twist now.

I started a business in 2012 and there was no way of deferring it till I did my accounts at the end of the year and then I simply had too much to focus on keeping my fledgling business afloat. It's doing better now and I can afford to pay by instalments provided we can come to a sustainable arrangement. I may dispute the amount they are asking for and submit a request for full disclosure of all the financial details using a Data Protection Act Letter. Maybe this will keep them busy till next year when I turn 50 but if not, would they write off the amount left to pay when I turn 50 I wonder?

I'm very tempted to wait and see if they take me to Court. I've had dealings with debtors before, they never seem to accept any reasonable offer but the Courts will if you show them evidence of income.

They don't have to complete the proceedings before you hit 50, it's the start date that counts. So stalling till 50 will generally not work unless those old student loans are different that way.

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