Yes, I am. However wanted to sort this loan out rather quickly. Would be weeks before unemployement benefits came through. So all these sites from google with "Unemployment loans, no guarantor, bad credit" aren't legit?
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What sites are your Google searches brining up? Are they actually lenders or just brokers who will take a subscription fee from you but won't be able to find you a loan as lenders generally speaking like borrowers to have some form of income so they can repay the loan? It's just then when I Google "unemployment loans" the top hits are all brokers even though at first glance their website make it looks as though they're the ones actually lending the money. It's not until you read the T&C that it becomes clear they are not lenders.

Even the likes of Wonga, who are legitimate and will accept unemployed people, want you to have an income greater than zero.

Great answer, cheers for the input. Why I bother with forums is beyond me, most people don't answer the question, just avoid it and throw in flippant comments. Ah I see, thank you Pixie. I will do a bit more of my own research.

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