It may not be the same thing as I am in Guernsey but...

I have just taken out finance with Black Horse for a bike and was advised by the dealer that I may have to provide my paper copy of my driving license, but when I went in to sign the paperwork they didn't need to see it.

I asked about it and the account manager said that it was fine, they could find me and they only ask as proof of address if they can't find you either on the system or doing credit checks.

So it may be something as simple as proof of address but until you call them you won't know for sure.



I recently applied for car finance with Black Horse through a dealership. Today, the dealer said I need to ring Blackhorse to provide more information. Does anyone know what sort of information they will need from me?

Originally posted by Bex87

Call them to ask, I am sure you will be able to answer any questions they ask !

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