Student Loan overpayment help! Lelee

Hey everyone I hope someone may be able to help me please. Prior to starting my second year at university, (I was doing an NHS Funded course), i decided to apply for some additional help from SLC. Whilst going through the process of applying, I was made aware by SLC that all students applying for a loan are automatically entitled to a grant also, which is none repayable, and the only payment that would need to be repaid was the official loan applied for. My application was accepted and I received the loan and grant over the course of a year. Shortly after my last payment of the year, I received a letter telling me I received a grant I was not entitled to as I was on an NHS funded course and students on those courses are not entitled to grants so I must pay it back, which amounted to around £3,500. Is there anyway of being able to dispute this as I did not lie on my application, it was made very clear to them that I was on an NHS Funded course so why did it take them a whole year to work that out, when they had paid me in 4 different installments, so surely it would have been picked up on sooner? Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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