The APR on a secured loan will usually be lower than that on an unsecured loan for an equivalent amount. Secured means if you fail to pay, the lender can easily seize the asset it's secured against, and sell it ( typically a house or a car ). Unsecured means they have the hassle and cost of court orders, bailiffs etc. As to what what APR you personally will be offered, no-one can even guess at. If you want any meaningful help here, you're going to have to give us a lot more details.

Unlikely (but not impossible) that you would get 18k unsecured, would need more details about income and other debt.

Best bet might be to see if your mortgage lender would advance you that sort of money, that will depend on the equity in property.


Difference between secured loan vs unsecured loan in terms of rates ? Etc need something like 18k
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Unless you do not shop around, it is almost always (if not always) the case that secure loan will always have a lower rate than unsecure loan. Few people get re-morgaging with interest of lower than 1.5%.

But you cannot always use your assets to secure your loan agreeably by the lender ...

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