Loan Apr on soft search Onechance

Hi all,

1st post for me - coming to the end of a difficult 6years of finances. Survived with only a smallish dent and back on the mend (2 kids and childcare costs! What a killer!)

Anyway, I'm after a new car - a car is a must for me due to work and other commitments so can't be without.

Having done some soft quote on Nationwide (loyal customer ) just trying to get my he's round it. The front page advert or 3. Something. Loan rate looked good.

Did my soft quote for 13k over 5 years and comes back as 6.8%, still makes payments under my set budget.

Cause the Apr went up does this mean I'm unlikely to be accepted?

Did a 2nd quote to try and make sense of it, for 15k and the Apr come back at 4.1%

Can someone clear this up - am I like to be accepted or are they just giving me figures for no reason???

Happy to post more info if needed



Thats a big amount over 5 years, why you going for £13000/ £15000, dont forget the extra costs involved with having a car. Lenty of used cars around for less than the amount your looking or.


The car I'm looking at is 18k i have a 5k deposit and have worked out my affordability and reduced that figure to make it even more comfortable.

What is considered reasonable to spend on a car?

The additional cost of having a car are already accounted for. Currently driving a BMW so now about large unexpected bills!!!

Running costs, insurance etc are significantly lower on the car I'm looking at.

I understand there are cheaper cars but there's cheaper everything isn't there?

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