Apex - old NatWest loan grover25


I have seen a letter that is addressed to my partner and it looks like he has an old loan with NatWest for about £2000 that he hasn't paid off. He previously got letters form wescott chasing this which I think he has been ignoring and yesterday he got a new letter from NatWest and also Apex Credit Management.

I feel bad approaching him about it because he doesn't know I know and I don't want it to cause an argument, obviously I shouldn't have really read his post. We haven't been together an awfully long time but I want to help him out. I know what it's like to feel stressed about money.

Is there anything he can do? Or can I pay some of it off anonymously?


How long ago was the loan taken out? He could try and come to an arrangement to pay realistic amounts each month or he could even try and offer a full and final settlement, perhaps as little as 50%.

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