Ongoing issues with very old debt and 1st Credit - advice needed please ElaineMarley

Hi all

I am hoping you can provide me with some advice please regarding a 1990s debt.

25 months ago I requested a CCA from 1st credit and had a letter back to say they were looking into it. Since then all I have received are statements, no requests for payments.

On the 24th February 2017 I received a letter from them entitled 'Copy Statements' dated 16/02/2017 with the following wording:

"Further to your request for further information, please find enclosed copy statements showing how the debt is derived. Due to the account entering into collections, it has been necessary to supply an additional post default payment history. This is a snapshot and can be found at the back of the statements.

We hope this satisfies your request for information.

Please contact us within 14 days of this letter to discuss repayments of your above mentioned account."

Now, clearly they have not responded within the required timeframe and neither have they provided anything of the original agreement, terms and conditions etc. I am assuming this means they are unable to provide a copy of the CCA, but how do I respond please? No payments have been made to the debt since November 2012.

Please can you help me? Thank you


Thanks for the reply. Sorry but I don't understand your reply? Doesn't SB take 6 years from the date it was last paid?
Originally posted by ElaineMarley

When was the last time it was acknowledged?

As Arleen says provide more background and you might get more help.

Thank you all for the replies.

The last time any payments were made was November 2012 and then the payments were stopped, but not by me.

So I have to ask them again for the information? Despite the fact that they have not provided it within the right timescale and it has taken over 2 years for them to write to me again?

CCA request is 12 + 2 working days not 40. a SAR request = 40 calandar days.

Once the 14 working days has passed, you can stop paying them until they comply. Also non-compliance does not stop them, issuing a default notice, registering a default on your credit file and seeking recovery of the debt.

So in essence yes, if after 2 years they can comply with the CCA request, provided the debt is not statute barred, they can pursue the debt and take legal action..

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