Heeeellllp 19762009

In need of help. have 24 hours to pay backlog of rent to company I work for (2k) didn't realise the 2 missed payments due to partner leaving and then child having operation losing over weeks pay had to be paid by 31st March. Poor credit and out of ideas ?

Work out how much you can afford to pay back weekly or monthly and contact the company to arrange a repayment schedule of the £2000 over a reasonable period. Do this before the money is due to be taken from your account.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul won't help, even if you can borrow £2000 it will come with significant interest which will mean you owe even more in debt. The only other option would be if you have any family members who can help you get back on your feet? If you are already overwhelmed with debt you can't repay, contact StepChange debt management charity. Best wishes.

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