Personal flexible loan options bluedove

I am looking for a personal loan of about £7,500, but want the option for the following:

1) A bank or finance company that can give me a "soft quote" before application so i have the opportunity to know their rates without affecting my credit file.

2) ability to overpay on monthly payments

3) Able to redeem the loan before the full term

I already got a quote from Nationwide but it is higher than their advertised rate of 4.9% hence looking for other options.

You are fairly unlikely to be told what interest rate they will offer you on a 'soft' search. That only assesses your basic affordability and likelihood of being offered anything at all.

Most personal loans now offer overpayments and early settlements.

Talk to your own bank. Remember that only 51% of successful applicants actually get the headline rate, so depending on your other circumstances, you might not qualify for a better rate elsewhere.

Good luck

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