Best time of year to pay off student loan? hawk30

I want to pay off my post 1998 student loan and I wondering whether I should have done this before the change in the tax year, as I've heard that they continue to take repayments out of your wages for a while.

I know all the arguments for not paying it off early, but in my situation there's no real point in continuing. It's a small amount, ISAs are maxed out, mortgage overpayments done, wouldn't need to reborrow that amount, etc.

In your final year of repayments you can switch from paying via PAYE to monthly direct debit. If you continue to pay by PAYE then there can be a delay between when you've made your final payment and when your employer stops making deductions so you can end up having to reclaim money from SLC.

You can also make additional payments using your debit card online.

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