Barclays taken back fraud money MissASAx

Can anyone please help?! I am new on here so sorry if I have posted in the wrong place, I'm with Barclays Bank and I had fraud on my account exactly a month ago today which they refunded me for, today they took the money back. They say it's because I didn't return the signed forms to them which they give 21 days to do but I only received this on Friday with no return address or envelope! Is there anything I can do about this as whenever I ring they just pass me from person to person?! They've now told me to call their fraud aftercare back tomorrow but nobody will give me an exact answer if I'm going to get MY money back which was taken fraudulently in the first place. I am just worried they will not return the money as it is to pay my rent on the 1st of the month and I have a 2 year old daughter to provide for.

If it's fraud you will get it back.

Get the forms back ASAP. Let them know they're on the way.

Complain about what Barclays have done and ask them for appropriate compensation.

You should now come out of this with a profit.

Thank you! I am going to contact them again them again tomorrow but they just keep passing me around to speak with other people, transferring calls etc and nobody can give me an answer.

When the forms hadn't arrived after a few days I would have been chasing them up. In fact last year I did have a couple of fraudulent transactions, and Barclays dealt with it very well, forms turned up and returned promptly. Sorted out very quickly.

Send the forms back, they'll do the fraud investigation once they're received and entered into the system, and if it's genuine fraud you will get the money back. What they gave you initially is what they refer to as a 'Pre-Credit', so you're not put out while they investigate the fraud case.

You could try a complaint but they may well point to their procedures and policies which are to remove the pre credit if the forms are not returned back, if you're lucky you might get them to give you something if as you say, you didn't even get a return address to send the forms, but I'd have my doubts. They might say the reason for the delay in the forms being returned was the royal mail/other couriers not delivering on time and say it's not their fault. Not saying that would be right or fair, but I'm trying to manage expectations.

Make sure that when you send the forms back you get a free proof of posting from the post office- or pay the extra £1.10 and send the forms by recorded delivery.

Have you got a local branch where you could make an appointment to talk to someone? I would explain to them it's now a hardship case as you don't have the rent money....

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