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Switched my bank account to flex plus from Santander mainly to raw advantage of gadget insurance and travel insurance perks.

Always had my bills / direct debits etc set to come out on payday (26th) never had an issue before when falls on a weekend . However mortgage payment for nationwide Was rejected today as would have put me over my overdraft limit. However my salary went in today ?When I called to query they said that they ran the mortgage payment direct debt prior to my salary going in? With Santander my salary always showed as paid in before all set bills go out ,

Am I going to have to change all my dates or is this normal or a one off ?

I made a manual payment today for the mortgage no charges etc

Advise welcome

If you are living payday to payday with no credit balance remaining at the end of the month it would be a good idea to have your main bills/DDs set to leave your account a number of days (perhaps 3-5) after you are paid to give some breathing space. Don't forget, a problem with your employers account could conceivably delay your wages.

That said, you have an account that pays a good rate of in-credit interest, the advantage being that you can keep a high credit balance (and earn interest) and avoid going into your overdraft.

Nationwide say:

Make sure you have sufficient cleared funds in your account to make a payment

When you ask us to make Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments on a future date, we attempt to make these payments in the morning.

Payment Retry

If you haven't got enough money in your account to make the payment, we'll try to make the payment again on the same day at 2:30pm. This is to give you more time to get cleared funds into your account. You can do this by paying money into your account at any of our branches, making a Faster Payment from another bank or a quick transfer online from another Nationwide account. To find out when a cheque you're paying into your account will clear, please use our cheque clearance calculator.

If you register for any of our text alerts, we'll also automatically send you Payment Retry alerts.

If you still don't have enough money to cover the payment when we try to take the payment again at 2:30pm, you'll still only receive 1 unpaid transaction fee.

Nationwide are a 24/7 institution that contrasts with other institutions that make do with the traditional five days of the week.

My Mortgage payment was taken 25/12/2016. This was a Sunday and Christmas Day!

Fortunately I was aware of the matter and had moved funds in plenty of time to cover the demand.

Are Saturday/Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday a temporal black hole in some banking institutions ? Does Time Stop ?


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