Yes Barclays, apologies for spelling error.

Thank you for link, I have seen that but I cannot find if there is a minimum income to open.
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Well, if it doesn't specify minimum income, there is unlikely to be one. What is not specified in T&Cs is as important as what is.

For the Blue Rewards scheme you need to pay in a total of £800 a month. This can be £200 a week. I would say therefore your minimum income is whatever is sufficient to make that payment.

Though you don't have to sign up to Blue Rewards it should be said.

And for Blue Rewards to actually get the loyalty bonus you need 2 DDr's a month set to leave the account, the £800 is to qualify you for BR in the first place

There is no minimum income or minimum opening balance required to open a Barclays current account. If the balance stays at zero for several months though the account is deemed dormant and may be closed.

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