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Any bank staff here that can tell me please if a bank manager of one bank, can certify a passport for a member of the public (for ID purposes) who banks with another bank ? ( accept probable charge) Daughter banks with Nationwide but since moving is unable to get to any NW branch with any ease , but has another bank quite close. Likewise anyone know if a Postmaster of a sub PO can do it? Some companies will accept a ministers signature which would be far more convenient, but no, not Scottish Widows !

Hi Pat.

It's up to the organisation asking to determine who can sign - not a standard list-so best ask them for the acceptable list before going to the effort and finding it unacceptable. Then to your questiont:

They can, but whether they will is another matter.

They are signing in a professional capacity to certify that they've seen the original and that which they are signing is to certify this is a true & not a doctored copy.

As you say, there maybe a charge. And you may need an appointment.

It doesn't have to be the manager, unless something has changed, it can be the cashier.

And there is specific wording required, his/her name printed & signed & must show the branch address and the branch stamp to be on the safe side.

You can get your GP to do it, but they (nearly?) always charge.

When ICICI bank started in the UK, they said to me that the cashier that signed had to put her own private address on it... took them weeks to accept that wasn't ever going to happen.

When I looked a few weeks ago for a friend the list was actually quite wide and included company director and professional photographers. There seemed to be no qualification of either of those so if anyone you know is a director of their own company they can sign.

Thank you both. Useful to know, but Scottish Widows are insistant that it can be ONLY a bank official or a financial advisor .Period. Ministers (and this one has known her since she was born) are less trustworthy apparently than FA's !!!! Her GP would have been ideal as shes off sick . Will give the nearest bank a ring and see if they will oblige. Many thanks.

Really? Thats interesting , maybe I could use that as a reason to request SW to reconsider , as no bank manager or employee has known her at all since she banks online since opening the account 20 years ago.


If you read the passport application does it not it state that the person certifying has to have known the applicant personally for 12 months?
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Unless I'm missing something, this is not someone certifying the photos for a passport application, it is someone certifying a photocopy of a passport used as proof of id.

DCF See post 4 . Scottish Widows are making the call .

Masonic , thats correct SW want it purely so my daughter can accept being an assignee of the trust Im assigning to her.


Masonic , thats correct SW want it purely so my daughter can accept being an assignee of the trust Im assigning to her.
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So the person doing the certifying does not need to know her personally. They are certifying that they have checked the passport and that the copy is a true likeness of the original.

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