I do not bank with them, never have, but somehow a dd was set up with them by a major energy company in my name, instead of with my actual bank..and they paid the dd?

How can this happen?

It doesnt make sense?

I have no account with them for them to pay a dd from!

The energy company have my bank details on record, but somehow put the dd through using this unknown account and they have received the payment from HSBC

The energy company have had to send it through to their FRAUD dept now to try and unravel what happened, but meanwhile i am left really worried.

Thankfully i archived the messages regarding initially setting up the dd with the company, and their confirmation that the dd had been set up as planned.

This is all just so weird!

Any ideas???

Ask the energy company to set up the DD on your account . You don't need to worry about the other account as it's not yours. The energy company have probably input someone elses details in error, it happens, nothing to get really worried about as long as you paid the correct amount to the energy company from your account.

They have already cancelled the HSBC dd details on my account but cannot set up the dd from my actual bank account until the issue has been sorted because currently i do not owe them a payment because the expected payment has alreasy been paid by HSBC!!!

I can't even make a debit card payment for the amount until the fraud dept has sorted out what happened.

Its crazy isn't it.

I would have thought that the dd would have been queried by HSBC seeing as how i do not have an account with them, unless its mistaken identity, but how did the energy company have these bank details on my account in the first place?

It was me who brought this to the attention of the energy company because the dd hadn't been taken from my bank as expected, and it turned out that they werent even on my payee list!

I have the confirmation email from them telling me that the dd is set up ready for 25th.

The only way I can think this could possibly, maybe, happen is if another customer of your energy company had the same surname, and their account details were mixed up with yours. HSBC would have accepted the request for the other customers DD, but the payment would have been credited to your account.

Just guesswork really.

Thanks Shakin Steve, that makes a lot of sense.

I know how i would feel if money disappeared from my account like that so i hope it gets sorted out quickly, or they have already contacted their bank (HSBC) to flag up the mistake.

Many thanks for that

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