Try calling them and asking them, and see what they say. Nobody here can really tell you.
Originally posted by JuicyJesus

I was asking to see if anyone has had any experience of the process.

I will ring them - but my experience with banks is that they have a time period that is acceptable to them - I was trying to establish what that time period is.

If you don't have anything helpful to say.....then keep it to yourself.

Bit rude. How is anyone else going to know if you have been rejected? So therefore how can anyone answer your question Should I give it a bit longer or just assume that I have been rejected? other than the bank.

In my experience I have opened at least 10 Halifax accounts over the years and all were instantly approved, does that apply to your situation and is it any help?


If you don't have anything helpful to say.....then keep it to yourself.
Originally posted by Crystal_Pixie

Oh alright then, your application's approved and your card will be in the post in four to five working days, followed by the PIN, and you'll have £500 in the account as compensation from Halifax on my behalf for my post not being to your satisfaction.

I was rejected fairly quickly, and got an email to that effect. I spent a lot of time and effort writing to their complaints department (a quick phone call would have done the job) and found that they didn't think the address I had given them would have been secure enough to receive a card, and so made alternative arrangements. I got my account, with an extra eighty pounds for the hassle.

Have you checked your SPAM folder?

Halifax and the Lloyds Banking Group brands as a whole, have accepted numerous online applications from me over the years. Normally it is an instant decision and smooth process and you even get your sort code and account number at the same time. It is possible you have been referred but ringing them as others have said is really the only way to find out.

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