Mastercard rules stand for all Mastercards, companies cannot pick and choose.
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The uw make it clear that the Mastercard aspect of their card has no benefit for their cardholding members:

Your rights and obligations relating to the use of this Card are subject to this Agreement between you and us; you have no rights against MasterCard International Incorporated or their respective affiliates.

You are misunderstanding what is being said there.

They are sayying you cannot sue Mastercard themselves, you have no "third party" rights to sue them.

A chargeback is processed by merchants who process Mastercard transactions, i.e Barclays Merchant Services, BMS is not Mastercard. The money comes back from the person you paid it out too who did not keep to their side of the contract, it is not Mastercard who pay it out.

I haven't misunderstood!

Uw cover that too, and make you agree you have no rights beyond as I already pointed out:

your only protection for Internet, mail order or telephone transactions is your statutory protection under the Sale Of Goods Act and other applicable legislation. Where the Card is used in such situations and we are unable to resolve thedispute, you will be liable for the transaction.

I posted about this to point out there are catches to this so called "cashback" card.

If someone is interested in a prepay cash card, then maybe now they are aware of what the uw make you agree to, they will look at another provider who doesn't have the disclaimers they include.

The key there is "we are unable to resolve the dispute" that means we put through a chargeback and it gets declined as it was outside of the scheme rules/we made a mistake/you made a mistake/you waited too long etc. etc. Then they have been unable to resolve the dispute and yes you would be liable. There are rules to chargebacks thats why I posted the link to the merchant rules.

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