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I got a letter from Hmrc last week the saying I'm due a to refund from overpayment in 2015/2016. The letter says a payable order has been made to my bank account which they will receive within 14 days of the letter , the letter is dated 21st April 2016. I have never had this before and have a couple of questions;

1. When the money shows in my account will it be available straight away?

2. Or is it like a cheque and even when my bank get it it will take a few days to become available?

It's now the 3rd of May and nothing showing in my bank as of yet. Does anyone have any experience of this? Thank you in advance

When I had a refund last year it was treated as a cheque and took a few days to clear.

ETA - Sorry just re-read your post and see that you say HMRC say a payment transfer will be made to your bank. I wasn't aware that HMRC issued payment transfers - I thought they only issued cheques - but I see that you can get it direct if you are self-assessed. In that case I guess it has been delayed because of the bank holiday, and possibly weekends.

It's a cheque that goes to your bank.

Be careful though, if its like my silly bank it will look like the money is in but will take a few days to fully clear

Hi there, I just wondered if you have received your tax refund into your account yet? I've had the same thing happen with hmrc. Received a letter on 27th April saying they were sending a payable order to natwest bank within 14 days. Cut a long story short no money has gone in. Numerous calls to hmrc and natwest later, it turns out Hmrc have sent a cheque not to my branch but a customer service office in Leicester. They say this is the address natwest have given them to send cheques to. Natwest telephone banking have no record of receiving any cheque, are not aware of this process being followed by hmrc and after managed to track down the direct contact phone number for this customer service centre for me. Called them they have never heard of this either and have said categorically that hmrc are lying as natwest would never give that address to send cheques to. Its not a secure procedure they would endorse for making payments for a start, that place is a small office of 20 or so people and they deal with corporate banking, do not have the facilities to process or pay in cheques, they only receive post as direct contact fao Mail for people working there from clients. If a cheque for anyone or anything to do with personal banking had been sent there it would be put as return to sender. hmrc are still saying that this is the addres natwest has given them and won't budge. Worst thing is during the filling out of the claim form online they offered me payment by cheque or direct payment into my bank, I chose direct payment into my bank, filled in all my details including my branch address under the impression it would be a transfer into my account. According to hmrc direct payment means send a cheque to your bank instead of you. Who would ever want to do this?

We are due to get married next Friday and when the letter came saying we'd have this refund within 14 days we booked a mini-moon which we didn't think we'd get to do. We were due to pay it on Monday and have had to cancel

Sorry for the rant but I'm just all worked up after being passed from pillar to post the last week and being lied to.

Hmrc are now in the process of cancelling the cheque and reissuing one to come direct to me, apparently this will take them 10 weeks and their response is if I'm not happy write a letter but it's there procedure so they've done nothing wrong. Absolute joke!!!!

hi i had a payable order sent to lloyds by hmrc on the 1/11/16 but they say they haven't received it yet does any one no how long this takes and if anyone else has had the same experience thanks

If sent to Lloyds you need to ask HMRC which branch address they used.

Then contact that branch to see if they hold the funds on a suspense account.

If the warrant has not been cashed ask HMRC for a new one or even better ask them to credit your account direct.

You have checked that the money did not reach your account directly yes??


no the cheque was sent to lloyds 1 legg street chelmsford wich is a service center , and yes checked my bank no money has been paid in
Originally posted by jwheddon

You have checked that no money was credited to your bank.

Have you asked if they have it on a suspense account (branch and telephone staff won't know this - they will need to send an e mail to the staff in Chelmsford).

Have you checked with HMRC to see if the cheque was returned to them - possibly not enough information for Lloyds to process the cheque?

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