ATM refund claim Tee1112

Hi, so last Thursday I tried to withdraw £250 from an ATM machine (not the cash machine who I bank with) in a shopping mall but unfortunately the cash dispenser did not open, so when I went to check my balance the £250 had been deducted from my account but I did not receive it. I called my bank and they filled in a claim form but I still have not received a refund. I would just like to know if anyone has been in this situation and how long it took to be resolved for them.

It shouldn't really take any more than a week, so hopefully you'll have the money back by the end of today. However, if the ATM is one that is not owned by a bank then it's possible it might take a little longer.

For me it took over a month, though this could be disputed as I was only short changed of £10 at a Santander machine, and First Direct gave me it back themselves as it was such a small amount, though they did still raise a dispute.

This was around mid-November, and on New Years Eve I received a £30 refund from the Santander machine. I called First Direct up and told them they'd given me too much, and after speaking to supervisors they just told me to keep it.

The machine operator will balance the machine and should automatically refund you, but I'd definitely contact them about your dispute claim and ask where they're at with it once it's been over a few weeks

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