MSE News: Barclays customers left unable to use cards MSE Steve

A large number of Barclays customers were left unable to pay with their debit cards, make ATM withdrawals or use some other services, after the bank was hit with major IT problems on Saturday...

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'Barclays customers left unable to use cards and make payments after 'technical difficulties''

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tweeter moaning he couldn't pay for his tattoo. or his lunch.

Do people really not have a back-up plan? A second bank card?

I must be older and wiser, I'd never go anywhere without some emergency cash.

Is it just me . .


seems that all banks are at risk of these glitches. It is precisely the reason I have more than one means of payment.
Originally posted by datlex

Exactly. In addition to my current accounts I also have different credit cards and have never been in the situation of being unable to pay due to a banking issue.

"Oi listen yeah Dear Jezza,

Youre stupid bank left me unable to pay for my sarnie and tattoo yesterday. As this subsickqently subsquickly subscripqwent has left me in a state of great emotional distress and PTSD and whiplash and stuff I deserve bare compensation you get me. A million quid should do it or nearest offer hit me up fam and we can talk yeah my Watsapp is xxxxxxxxxxx"

Perhaps better just to approach your local branch with proof of any declined transactions, or lodge a complaint on the customer service number.


Do people really not have a back-up plan? A second bank card?
Originally posted by societys child

I do occasionally go out with just one card, especially if I'm heading out for a drink and wouldn't want to lose a wallet full of cards (not that I normally get that inebriated... ). I would usually have some cash with me though, and would be meeting someone (or with the OH) so unlikely to be left high and dry.

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