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Hey all,

I tried to reclaim some of my overdraft fee's - my bank refused. I was being charged up to 90 a month sometimes, and have paid about 1.5-2k in the past 2yrs (Due to my planned overdraft charges putting me into my unplanned and charging me 5/day) So I figured I might have a chance going through the ombudsman. I think I sent them a contact form around the end of Jan. Never got a confirmation or anything, I emailed them directly to make sure they got my claim. Never heard back either.

Is it unusual for it to take this long or expected?

They should at least have got in touch with you to acknowledge your complaint.

However I wouldn't worry too much since FOS very rarely upholds complaints against charges unless the bank has actually made a mistake.


The Ombudsman won't uphold a complaint on either basis.
Originally posted by GingerFurball

Correct. In the case of hardship FOS will expect the bank to try to assist with the hardship in some way, which can include refunding charges but does not have to. And complaints about charges being disproportionate/unfair are explicitly not considered any more as a result of the 2009 Supreme Court ruling.

I mean OP can TRY going through FOS on a hardship complaint but not get their hopes up.

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