Can I have a FlexDirect and a FlexBasic open concurrenty with Nationwide? ruperts


I want to open a current account separate to my main account so I can easily track incomings and outgoings from the new account (I want to start matched betting and have been advised that having a separate account is good practice).

I don't want the new account to trigger any credit checks and am not concerned by interest rates or benefits so the FlexBasic looks ideal, however when applying it asks "will this be your only UK current account" and the answer to that is no because I have a FlexDirect that I want to keep open. Answering no makes me ineligible for the account. In the comments underneath that question it then says:

"When we say 'will this be your only UK current account' we mean... At this time you do not hold a UK current account with another bank or building society"

So that makes it seem like I'm only ineligible if I have a current account with specifically another bank or building society, which I don't.

Has anyone done this or are aware of Nationwide's policy on having more than one different type of current account? It appears that both yes and no are valid answers to that question for me. I could just try hitting yes and see what happens but I don't want them to then assume I'm transferring my FlexDirect to a FlexBasic and close the FlexDirect.

Failing that does anyone know any simple, suitable bank accounts that don't require credit checks?


They are not likely to give you a FlexDirect if you qualify for a FlexBasic as the Basic is for people who can't get a 'proper' account. You can have a FlexDirect and one or more FlexAccounts. I think the limit is 4 current account in total.

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